Amenities & Features

Professional Wash Bay

One of our highly prized amenities is our custom designed RV wash bay, comprised of a covered pull-through area including a high pressure spraying wand, foaming brush and wax.  The professional grade washing equipment includes a variety of settings which will ensure a thorough cleaning of your vehicle.  Our catwalk also enables users to wash the roof. Whether preparing or returning from a trip, our customers enjoy access to our on-site wash bay.

Charging Stations

To prepare for departure, 20 AMP electrical service is available to most covered and enclosed storage units.  Higher amperage stations are available upon request. NOTE:  These chargers are for charging only; it is prohibited to run vehicle air conditioners with the electrical service provided.  Planning on embarking but do not have time to plus in the charger?  Call us and we will plug in for you.

Free Ice and Filtered Water

There is no need to make another stop for ice!  Our Self Service Ice Machine will provide all the ice needed, made exclusively from filtered water.  Also you can fill up your tank with filtered water before leaving on your trip.

Dump Station

Finding a dump station can be a challenge and usage fees are increasing.  We provide the convenience of an on-site dump station for customer use.  Easily accessible, and simple to use.

Vacuum Stations

Albuquerque RV and Boat Storage wants to make your RV cleaning and maintenance easy.  With our vacuum station, it is easy to tidy your vehicle before or after trips.  We provide a high-quality vacuum that offers superior performance cleaning  your vehicle’s interior. 

Tire Inflation

Maintaining proper tire air pressure promotes better performance and longevity.  Knowing that tires are properly inflated helps our customers enjoy a safe and reliable trip. Providing an on-site air compressor means there is no longer a need to search or air at a local gas station in order to adjust tire pressure before heading out on the road.

Wide Drive Isles

Our wide drive aisles allow for easy access and reliable maneuverability throughout the facility.  Whether you have a 5th wheel trailer or class A motorhome, you will not have difficulty moving about our facility. The facility is fully paved,.  In addition to promoting easy maneuvering of your vehicle, this feature provides a cleaner storage environment with reduced grit, dust and pests.  We pride ourselves on the high standard of cleanliness we maintain at our facility