Excellent Security

Protecting your valuables is our top priority at Albuquerque RV and Boat Storage.  We want you to have peace of mind knowing your vehicles are stored at a facility equipped with modern, high-tech security. 

• ON-SITE MANAGER to keep a watchful eye on the facility.

• 24/7 RECORDED VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM which includes wide coverage of multiple camera locations as well as digital recorders. 

• SECURITY ACCESS KEYPADS controlling both entry & exit.  Our computerized gate system allows access to authorized users only. 

• HIGH-TECH ACCESS CONTROL.  Tenants access to the site with their personal digital passcode. 

 TALL PERIMITER WALL to deter unauthorized entry.

• PHOTO ELECTRIC BEAMS to detect unauthorized entry within the facility.

• SUPERIOR SITE LIGHTING that offers personal safety for tenants visiting the facility after dark.